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WHEN THE RED IS A-ROCKIN', DON'T COME A-KNOCKIN''s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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How do you pronounce the new asst. coach's first name? [18 Jul 2012|01:27pm]

Collie, like Lassie?
Callie, like the doctor on Grey's Anatomy?
Coll-lay? Cal-lay?
My brain sees Calle and wants to say it in Spanish, Cah-yay, but since he's Swedish I feel 99% sure that's wrong.

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It's hockey season again, wahooo! [20 Sep 2011|12:39pm]

Did anyone catch training camp this past weekend? I attended the first part, but my twin daughters were with us so we had to leave after the first group came off the ice in order to be home by naptime.

My thoughts: the new guys look pretty fast, the old guys look pretty rusty! I'm sure they'll get it together in time for the season to start. What do you guys think?

Also, count me among the fans happy to see Olie Kolzig back with our organization. I got a little fangirlish when I saw him, I must admit!

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Last Night's Game! [21 Apr 2011|09:58am]

So, how huge was last night's game? Boudreau said it was a fantastic hockey game, it wasn't. It was a poorly played game and the Caps let the crowd get to them last night. Rarely have I seen a team look so flustered as the Caps did in the second, not just the goals, but bad line changes, etc.  Boudreau committed a pretty serious fuckup by goading the MSG fans as he did and it came very close to costing them the game and, arguably, put the series in jeopardy. And who are we kidding, if they end up losing this series, as looked very possible after the second period.  It's bye, bye, Gabby.

But, the flip side is that they won. They didn't sulk or give up, they fought back from a 3-0 deficit to beat a team that hadn't lost any game in which they'd led after two. The odds against them were huge and you have to think this gives them a lot to draw on in terms of finishing this series and a Cup run. It'll probably go down as one of the most memorable games in Caps history, no? Unless they still manage to lose the series, in which case it won't.
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Caps/Flyers recap [23 Mar 2011|12:25pm]

Was anyone else appalled by how crappy we played last night? Our first three goals seemed totally flukey to me, and clearly the wheels came off in the second and third periods. I was shocked when the commentators afterward remarked that it was a "great game". Um, no it wasn't. It was a game we easily should have won and CHOKED on, making it a close game in the end.

Am I missing something here? What did the rest of you think?

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Trade [01 Mar 2011|11:42am]

Frankly, I'm not crazy about Arnott-Steckel deal. We give up Steckel, best faceoff man in the NHL and a 2012 second rounder for a guy who is certainly no better than Laich and we lose an excellent utility man in Steckel.  I'm not entirely convinced that this is even a short term gain and I'm not sure I'd have even done Steckel for Arnott straight up.

Wideman makes a bit more sense to me.  His +/- is awful, but he may be the spark they need on the power play and it was important to shore up the D a bit with the outlook on Green not being too great.

thoughts?  Does this improve the chances of the Caps making a serious Cup run?
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the Streak [13 Dec 2010|12:30pm]

Thoughts on the Caps losing streak?  Until last night, I wasn't too concerned.    After all, Caps had a big winning streak last year, didn't mean a damn thing in the playoffs.  A losing streak, especially this earlier, doesn't necessarily portend anything either. 

I'd like to think that this is ultimately a good thing.  Last year's coasting through the regular season may have led to too much complacency in the playoffs and a feeling of desperation when they suddenly found themselves up against a hot goalie and a team that wouldn't quit.  Perhaps this one will ensure that they get a feeling of vulnerability, so there's absolutely no overconfidence going into the playoffs and that they end up confident in their own abilities to bounce back, assuming they do bounce back.

That said, I'm not feeling as optimistic about the goaltending situation as I once was.  Also, the power play is a piece of crap.  Trading away Fleischman doesn't look like such a brilliant move yet, but maybe that will change.  I know, Fleischmann was awful in the playoffs last year but he had flashes of brilliance.  He'll be a 35-40 goal man yet, I think, and the Caps will still be scratching their head wondering who to use for second line center.  Thoughts?
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Full game any time soon? [07 Dec 2010|08:15pm]

Okay, this place has been quiet with the season in full swing, so I figured that I'd post a question.

Has anyone seen the Caps play a full 60 minutes this season yet?
Take the most recent come from behind loss... Did anyone actually play during the third period, or were they content to skate the length of the ice while Toronto shot the puck?
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Wilbon and Steinberg [03 May 2010|10:53am]

Good post from Steinberg today.  I've been a bit quick to jump on Ovechkin too after the Olympics, but as noted in the blog post, lots of great players took a while to win a championship.  let's not forget, he's 24.

And, seriously, I don' t know why people pay Wilbon to do sport analysis, particularly hockey.  He is a moron and should STFU.   (two blogs I've posted about this asshat in the past: link 1 and link 2)
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On the collapse [02 May 2010|02:28pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Okay, so the season is over.

Do we have theories of what went wrong? Talk Radio and other pundits suggest that Boudreau was too easy on the team. The team lacked the discipline to compete.

To me, I saw the failure in game five of the series.
Three to one lead in the series, cocky attitudes. Then they lose, at home, where they dominated everyone all season.
The series ended with that loss, as I saw it. They let the Canadians hang around and it bit them in the arse.

What do we need next year?

An ability to put opponents away when they are on the ropes. In the past three seasons, we let teams back into the game too easily.
Until we learn the killer instinct, we are stuck.

But do we have the staff to do it right now?

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Ovie's non-hit on Campbell [15 Mar 2010|08:52pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay, I'm sick of hearing people claim that Ovie's hit on Campbell caused the broken collar, that he intended to hurt the guy.

Did they watch the same play I did?

When I watched the replay, yes, Ovie should not have touched the guy. No question there.
Campbell lost his edge before Ovie got to him. The shove made that loss unrecoverable.
I think Campbell still would have slid into the boards, even without Ovie's help, probably still gotten hurt.

What does everyone else think?

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Autograph Events [04 Mar 2010|01:38pm]

Not sure if it's been posted, but PSGameGear at Dulles Town Center is having a few signing events. It looks like they added another one recently with Boudreau, Poti, Steckel, Fehr and Chimera on March 31st (as well as another large event on March 27th). In case you wanna go, I thought I'd let y'all know! It appears you need to reserve a ticket, but I don't know if you need to pick who you want your autograph with and pay for it right now or how it works. I certainly can't afford to go. :)
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line combinatioins [04 Mar 2010|10:21am]

So....after the deadline deals.....what happens with the lines?

Belanger centers the 3rd line I guess.....moving Brendan Morrison to....where exactly? Scott Walker crowds up a 4th line that I love.....I would guess Boudreau rotates a scratch between Walker, Bradley, and Gordon every game? Can't scratch Steckel with that faceoff ability too often.

I guess someone will write something about this some time today....but in the meantime....what do you guys think will happen here?
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Ovechkin vs. Crosby [28 Feb 2010|09:33pm]

So, let the flaming begin but I'm going to ask it, is it fair to say that Crosby effectively established himself as the premier hockey player in the world after these Olympics?  Before the Olympics we could fool ourselves and try to pretend that Game 7 last year was a fluke, that's become a lot harder.   I hate to agree with Mike Milbury, who's a douche, but he makes a fair point that good players put their money where their mouth is.  In the space of 8 months Crosby has carried or helped carry his team to a Stanley Cup championship and an Olympic gold and personally delivered some clutch goals in each.  Notably, the path to both those championships passed through Ovie and in both cases Crosby's team delivered a manhandling to Ovie & co.  I'm confident or at least very hopeful that Ovie's time will come, but if Milbury says that he'd take Crosby over Ovechkin into a big game, part of me has to admit that that's the right call.  And, part of me has to admit that that's what it is to be the best player in the game.
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[27 Feb 2010|10:25am]

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[03 Feb 2010|12:56pm]

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Brooks Laich Merch? [30 Jan 2010|01:54am]

I'm a Brooks Laich fan living in Tampa, Florida. I was wondering if there were any merch for him (pins or t-shirts) that they sell at the Verizon Center?  I've looked on their nhl store site, but alas, nothing.. If there is one, can someone work with me on getting a shirt? Please, please, please :) If anyone out there could help me out, just leave me a comment. Thanks!
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The pipeline is clogged [27 Jan 2010|04:01pm]

In 18 games with the Bears this year, Holtby sports a sterling 15-2-1 record, .935 save percentage, and 1.81 goals against average since taking over Neuvirth's starting spot there now that he's been needed in Washington much more than originally expected.

Holy jesus those are some numbers. Assuming they're all worth they hype....the Caps can't have a roster with Varlamov, Neuvirth, and Holtby in 2012.....who's the odd man out? Neuvirth or even Holtby should command a decent to hefty pricetag at the trade deadline (this year, next year, whatever).

I'm starting to get nervous about Varly's long term prospects. The early indicators seem to show these nagging injuries might pop up constantly throughout his career. Which makes me very sad, as I looooooooove Varly.
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i do not bookmark things [08 Jan 2010|10:54am]

So....it's Olympic time...which means of course, time to get olympic hockey jerseys? Are yous guy getting one? I've got a couple in mind...but.....my google is failing hard. Where can I find decent quality olympic hockey jerseys that ideally aren't horribly expensive?
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Green and Team Canada [31 Dec 2009|07:32am]

Any thoughts here about Mike Green being left off Team Canada for the Olympics?  According to Steve Yzerman, the Team Canada GM,

We recognize a great talent, but we just feel that he's not quite complete yet in the defensive part of his game.  Last year's playoffs left an impression upon us. He's a tremendous player and he's going to be great for years to come, but we felt we need to see him play in a lot of playoff games and play well, excel in pressure situations and be responsible in both ends of the rink to put him on the team. With the group we have, they can provide offense and they're good in both ends of the rink. We needed to see more of that from Mike. (from http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=511742

I thought this was a silly argument.  Green does occasionally make defensive gaffes, but if balance is what they want, the numbers don't lie.  Green is +15 and Yzerman included a defenseman, Scott Niedermayer, who is -10.  And regarding last year's playoffs, Yzerman seems to have ignored the fact that Green was playing with an injury.  Hasn't Green regularly proved himself capable of coming through in big game situations?  Not to mention, the guy finished second in Norris trophy voting last year.

Update:  good blog here: http://www.japersrink.com/2009/12/31/1227164/the-snubbing-of-mike-green
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