ensign_amazing (ensign_amazing) wrote in washingtoncaps,

The pipeline is clogged

In 18 games with the Bears this year, Holtby sports a sterling 15-2-1 record, .935 save percentage, and 1.81 goals against average since taking over Neuvirth's starting spot there now that he's been needed in Washington much more than originally expected.

Holy jesus those are some numbers. Assuming they're all worth they hype....the Caps can't have a roster with Varlamov, Neuvirth, and Holtby in 2012.....who's the odd man out? Neuvirth or even Holtby should command a decent to hefty pricetag at the trade deadline (this year, next year, whatever).

I'm starting to get nervous about Varly's long term prospects. The early indicators seem to show these nagging injuries might pop up constantly throughout his career. Which makes me very sad, as I looooooooove Varly.
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