Nothin' matters and what if it did? (mijopo) wrote in washingtoncaps,
Nothin' matters and what if it did?

Last Night's Game!

So, how huge was last night's game? Boudreau said it was a fantastic hockey game, it wasn't. It was a poorly played game and the Caps let the crowd get to them last night. Rarely have I seen a team look so flustered as the Caps did in the second, not just the goals, but bad line changes, etc.  Boudreau committed a pretty serious fuckup by goading the MSG fans as he did and it came very close to costing them the game and, arguably, put the series in jeopardy. And who are we kidding, if they end up losing this series, as looked very possible after the second period.  It's bye, bye, Gabby.

But, the flip side is that they won. They didn't sulk or give up, they fought back from a 3-0 deficit to beat a team that hadn't lost any game in which they'd led after two. The odds against them were huge and you have to think this gives them a lot to draw on in terms of finishing this series and a Cup run. It'll probably go down as one of the most memorable games in Caps history, no? Unless they still manage to lose the series, in which case it won't.
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